Sunday, January 01, 2017

Thank you 2016

Thank you Haaaappy 2016. 2016 started with the motto Haaappy.

Feeling good things

  1. Influencing people for health conscious.
  2. Joining brother to Leaders workshop
  3. Family trip to Simla, Sonmarg, Gulmarg
  4. Association with BelliChukki organization
  5. Joining Mom to Leaders workshop.
  6. Sharing DevOps concept to the team and the extended team
  7. Meeting one of my best friend, Roh, after a long time of 10 years 
  8. Wife carrying news
  9. Dance talent showcase in e2E day
  10. Completed 500km run
  11. Completing 10 yrs with Infosys
  12. Donation for Leaders Education Trust
  13. Belur visit with family
  14. Bellichukki wishing me Haaappy Birthday
  15. Baby shower function
  16. Joining Roh to workshop
  17. Self health learning
  18. Joining Infosys Shristi group and performing for environment awareness
  19. Seeing baby movements during scan
  20. Attending K18
  21. Getting relatives, friends to K18
  22. Leaders mobile app concept approved by Bala sir
Welcoming 2017 with the motto of Healthy

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